Premier General Contractors offers its clients a host of services for their luxury home construction projects. Whether an addition, renovation or new residence, Premier runs every project with acute attention to detail, the finest materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. 


Custom Home Construction
Building a truly custom new residence requires a thorough understanding of what makes a luxury home. Premier has been building such homes in the finest neighborhoods of Southern California for 30 years. Attention to detail and unparalleled personal service have made Premier the go-to firm for some of LA’s most discerning architects, designers and homeowners. 

Large Additions and Remodels
Additions and remodels bring their own unique challenges to a contractor.  What lies beneath the walls of an existing home provides an element of mystery not present in a new construction project.  These types of projects require a contractor to have acute problem solving skills and to employ them at a moment’s notice. Premier General Contractors takes on these challenges with skill and strategy to produce projects of the highest quality. 


Other Services


Throughout the design process, Premier provides estimating services to clients who want to ensure they are designing a home that stays within their budget. Premier weighs in on building techniques, structural choices and material suggestions as they affect the budget of the project.

Premier General Contractors prides itself on the thoroughness of their project estimating services. Premier has worked with many of the same subcontractors for years and can, therefore, trust the accuracy of their bids. The more accurate the estimating, the tighter the project budget and the happier the client will be.


Creating a schedule and then sticking to it can prove difficult for many builders because there are some factors that cannot be controlled in the construction process. With 30 years of experience building custom residences and renovations, Premier has learned to anticipate these factors and can provide clients with realistic schedule estimates and efficient project management. 

Team Coordination
Premier General Contractors has collaborated with some of the finest architects, interior designers and landscape designers on LA’s Westside, Pasadena, San Marino and neighboring areas. Coordinating a design team on high-end projects requires strategy and patience. Premier employs both on every project which is why architects and designers often invite Premier to collaborate on projects again and again.


Project Coordination
Premier deftly manages its team of subcontractors and in-house crews to keep them on schedule and on budget while providing exceptional craftsmanship. Many subcontractors have worked with Premier for over a decade. The dedication of Premier’s subcontractors are a testament to the company’s honesty and integrity. 

Every project ends with a client walk-through and a punchlist. The punchlist process catches any final tweaks required to ensure the project is built to the client’s and collaborators’ satisfaction. The Premier team then puts the final touches on the project in time for the clients to move in.